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May you never identify yourself with your faults, sicknesses, nor problems (this is so dangerous). May you always identify yourself with Jesus. When God sees you, He sees His beloved child going thru a spiritual battle, but covered in the blood of Jesus. That is the only way He can look upon our sinful bodies because He is so Precious, so Holy, so Wonderful, so Amazing. He craves such a relationship with us that He has fully given of Himself in order for us to be with Him, and He is waiting to be able to be completely present in our lives. He craves this so much that He has promised that when we cling to Jesus (by putting Him first in all aspects of our life thereby cleansing all aspects of our life with His Blood) the Holy Spirit will then be released into you so that you may receive the fullness of God. And may you miraculously find that your journey’s focus here has turned away from what you can accumulate in the natural, to wanting all God has for you (which goes way beyond our rational, limited mindset), because only then will you be truly equipped to endure in your limited, weakened body while going through the spiritual battle that is raging. You are so precious, and so loved and may you be an overcomer in Jesus! Shabbat Shalom! ;o)