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In 2010, I was miraculously healed of severe active asthma/copd. Prior to the healing I had to wear portable oxygen tanks into medical facilities because I was allergic to the environmental smells. Two months prior to becoming allergic to the last asthma/copd maintenance drug I could take for my lungs, the Lord told me to tell others that “The Holy Spirit breathes for me” whenever they would ask how I was. So I obeyed. After I became allergic to the drug, my doctor said they would just have to monitor me to see how far my lungs would decline. My lungs had already started to decline, and I was already out of breath eating. They didn’t know when it would level off. Well, I immediately turned to Jesus, looked up to God and said, “I now know where my healing comes from.” I clung to Jesus, the Holy Spirit brought me to a deeper place in Jesus and God Himself allowed me to see Him. A month later, I experienced a spiritual battle in a dental office and the Holy Spirit prepared me for it & gave me the words to voice which set me free of the tank. However, a few weeks later I had to go to the ER late one night because of an infection, at first I went to grab the tank to use as a precaution because my body was already worn out & I didn’t want to add to it, nor deal with any added issue. And for the first time ever, in all of the years that I have used them, the brand new O2 tank was completely drained. I sat there stunned. Then I looked to my empty passenger seat and the Lord put an image of Him smiling and staring at me in my mind. I walked into the ER a free woman of God & I have never associated that image He specifically gifted me with that night with a Bible verse, until the Holy Spirit connected it for me last night.  Last night I saw a post regarding the Bible verse: Nehemiah 8:10~…the joy of the Lord is my strength. I have heard this song, I knew this saying, but I have never made that connection. All Glory and Honor unto the Lord our God, Hallelujah the Lord God omnipotent reigns! May you have a wonderful day in Jesus…feel free to post at anytime a prayer request, or testimony! :o)