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No matter what you are going through, good or bad, always remember that you are so precious to God and worship, and praise Him for that! You are so beautiful to Him and you are an overcomer because you are living in Jesus. Do not let your heart or thoughts (remember your thoughts are not always coming from you) condemn you because God is greater than your heart and those thoughts. Whenever something uncertain happens, or if you hear anything disturbing, immediately self-discipline your mind to turn to Jesus within your thoughts, smile and praise Him. Picture yourself laying your problem at His feet, then stand up and fall into His arms. While you wait for His direction, focus on worshiping Him! What you are doing is opening yourself up to receive from Him and you are living a limitless life because you are living in Jesus~Praise Jesus as He guides your path! May you have a wonderful day no matter what you face because God is in the very midst of it! :o)