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You know, I used to wonder as I read the Bible why God wouldn’t just take me out of certain situations, or give me that healing I know He wanted to give me and at the time I desperately needed! I praise Jesus, that the Lord didn’t do that because He has since cleansed me from that very dangerous and bad wrong thinking. That type of thinking builds strongholds and blocks in your mind that blocks you from clearly seeing Jesus. God wants more from us, He wants us to deeply know Him. The situations, or the healing may be a process or it may be automatic. However, that is up to God and that is something that should make you just praise Him even more because He loves you more than anyone else ever could, and He has humbled Himself enough to be intimately affected by what you experience here on earth. So why are you worried? Try telling Him, “I know Jesus is holding me, I know Your Spirit runs through me, I know my life is held in your hands, bring me through this and teach me what I need to know as I victoriously go through it so that I will be brought to a deeper place in you.” You will have a confidence in His love like never before as He begins to build that in your life through His Spirit (and boy, is He so very thorough: every nook and cranny for you!) A true healing has taken place. He revealed to me before & during my major physical healing, that I was healed of spiritual things I didn’t even know I needed healing from, but were so much more dangerous than what I was physically afflicted with because that major sickness could only kill my body, not my spirit. But the spiritual things could kill my soul and keep me forever separated from Him, or it could have taken me from being able to truly know Him! No matter what you are going through the best thing to do is turn to Jesus, and praise Him as you wait because a healing is taking place! May the joy of the Lord be your source for having a wonderful day today, in Jesus! :o)