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From the very moment you desire to know Jesus in a deeper way, things start happening, your life starts being radically cleansed in a deeper and new way. The Holy Spirit immediately starts to prepare your spirit and body to be able to receive His presence. It is so deep that you aren’t even aware of it! As you actively chose to acknowledge Jesus first in all things (i.e. when you first wake up you talk to Him, throughout the day you acknowledge and talk to Him, you talk to Him as if He is standing in front of you continuously, when you read the Bible you picture Him there with you reading it, etc). That is called “practicing the presence” of God. You may not be aware of anything changing, you may even feel discouraged, but believe me things have already started to definitely change & transform you. You may become first aware of a change when something bad occurs, and your response is radically different from what it had been before. The knowledge of you changing, the amount of time it takes, etc. is individually unique in each of us. But you will find yourself going from “practicing His presence” to “actively living in His presence” all by the help of the Holy Spirit. Think about this: your husband/wife/friend is in front of you, they know and you know they are there, but if you don’t acknowledge them will you ever be able to receive whatever it is they want to give you? To take it from their hands you have to actively acknowledge them and be in their presence! Continue acknowledging Jesus and the Holy Spirit will draw you in deeper~and may you realize that you had a great day, no matter what happens, because God is in the midst of it!