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May you actually be able to feel your heart ache for Jesus, your spirit revealing to you that you cannot have enough of Him…what a beautiful supernatural journey your life is turning into as the Holy Spirit is slowly making you aware that He is drawing you deeper into Jesus and becoming the very breath you breathe.  You will delightfully find yourself waking up craving Jesus and as He is doing this, may you do your part by disciplining your mind to know that He is the very breath you breathe and you cannot go on another day without Him breathing for you, pulling you out of bed, strengthening you for your work day ahead, carrying you through the day, releasing His unconditional love to the people around you through you (especially to those that are difficult), directing you towards the nutrition for your body and nourishing your spirit throughout the day as He reads the Bible with you, and then laying you back down for sleep at night so that the Holy Spirit can continue to whisper to you as you sleep and your body is rejuvenated again for another day. Rejoice, your day will be a wonderful day no matter what comes your way because God, Himself, is dwelling within you and becoming the very breath you breathe! :o)