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We aren’t perfect and we can easily offend someone, hurt people’s feelings, or insult them without even meaning to, or knowing we have. We do make mistakes. But Praise Jesus even more because He is amazingly, wonderfully above all of our mistakes, no matter what they are. You may not be able to convince the person that it was a mistake, or that it was never intended to be an insult, but may you rest in knowing that as long as Jesus is aware and deeply knows your heart that is all that matters. Do not condemn yourself. Only Jesus can truly make your wrong into a right as you become completely dependent upon Him.  Do not ever think that your mistake is greater than Jesus’ blood which is stronger than anything imaginable. And may you likewise treat people who may offend you! May you deeply know of that cleansing flow as you rest in the arms of your Savior and the Holy Spirit releases His peace to you, while God, Himself, admiringly looks to you!   May you have an amazing day all because of Jesus! :o)