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When you look to someone may the only color that you see is what God sees, Red~Jesus’ beautiful cleansing Blood that flows over them. Don’t be fooled, nor misled, we are all 1 in Christ. When you see someone that is hard to deal with may you see what God sees, someone struggling with an issue that He is patiently waiting for them to just give it over to Him. May you be able to help that person to release their burden to Jesus, if they are ready. If they are not ready, may you pray for them to get ready. When you look to your problem may you see Jesus already leading you through the Victory of it. As your day moves on and if you grow weary, may you look to your Savior’s arms wrapped around you then look over His shoulder and see God’s loving eyes intently watching you as His Spirit tenderly fills you with strength. And may you have a wonderful day all because of Jesus!