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May you know that to grasp onto Jesus is grasping onto everything you will ever need for any situation, problem, issue, comfort, joy, peace; for anything and everything. Only He is the author and finisher of your faith, only He knows what you truly need. Only through Him and by Him can you even have faith. Instead of trying to read the Bible to get “more faith.” Why don’t you read the Bible with Jesus as you learn more about Him, and actively live in His presence in your every day life; actively making Him Lord of your day and night? That way when He releases His unconditional love for you, you will be able to receive it and you will know that He loves you more than anyone else ever could. Rest in His arms because He knows what matters to you and He will bring you through all things by His Victory, not by the limited standards of victory in this world, but by God’s Victory! Most times it isn’t “more faith,” that we need, but more Jesus! :o)