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I just wanted to personally thank all of my readers: What a wonderful blessing God has bestowed upon me with having you. I have to share that it’s hard for me to release my characters and stories out there to be “put on the chopping block,” when I just want them to be looked at for what I hope they are, some neat stories showing that Jesus is in all of the little details of your lives and He is in complete control when you make Him Lord of your life. But as soon as I need a little encouragement, I always first turn to Jesus and He reminds me that they are His books, and not mine so I am to not think anymore about them being out there. Then He faithfully sends me another reader that our writing together has touched and they then leave me some amazing notes that always brings tears of joy, and excitement to me. Thank you so much for obeying Jesus by sending me your messages~they really mean so much to me. I always said that even if no one likes my writing I would still write because I learn so much through writing with the Holy Spirit. God is amazing and thank you for your encouragement, and again all of you mean so much to me. And if you see your names popping up in some of my books, that is why! May you have a wonderful day~in Jesus! ;o)