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Grasping Protection in the Face of Fear BookCoverBianca McDonald strongly desires to be closer to Jesus, but with every step she feels like she is stepping farther away from Him.  Her disappointments continue to add up, including the powerful attraction she has for Special Agent Eric Lawrence who has never returned her calls.  And with each day her life isn’t turning into what she thought it would, nor what she thinks it should for someone who puts Jesus first in everything.  Instead, she is becoming increasingly aware of small, seemingly insignificant, natural fears that are not being washed away as she prays, but are mounting up in her life and overwhelming her.  How can she possibly keep her hope from slipping through her fingers as she battles with her inwardly struggling life?

U.S. Secret Service Special Agent Eric Lawrence, of the CAT team, can’t seem to erase his unmistakable, very real attraction to Bianca.  And that is a major problem for him because her brother, ASAIC Roger McDonald, has ordered all CAT guys to stay away from her.  But Eric soon finds himself at a burdensome crossroad: obey his boss’s orders, or Jesus’ will.  Only one way will secure the peace in his life.