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May you be more aware of Jesus than you are of yourself. May you see Him before you see your symptoms, or your negatives, or even positives. May you hear from Him before you hear your opinions, or your personal thoughts. May He matter more to you than your opinions, ideas, or thoughts. What a beautiful confirmation this is of God’s supernatural design for your body, soul, and spirit as the Holy Spirit secures you and works with Jesus to mold you so that you may fit more perfectly in Him. With all three: God, the Holy Spirit and Jesus…your three: spirit, soul, & body are completely protected and secured, there is no lack and you are complete! How does this begin? Turning to Jesus first in all things, actively living in His presence, reading the Bible with Him everyday. Which is basically actively conforming your life on earth to be full of Him. Upon your first step towards doing this something amazing already begins to happen because that is God’s will! May you have a wonderful day full of Jesus!