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You automatically know the uncomfortable signs of when you are physically hungry. But as you are being “re-raised” spiritually by God you may not be aware of when you are spiritually hungry. (Remember, our physical world is a foreshadow of the spiritual world.) Think about it, we don’t eat once a week, we eat everyday; if we can’t physically “eat” we supplement the nutrients by drinking. You may be spiritually starving and not even realize it because you have been desensitized to it, so may the Holy Spirit right now cleanse your sensitivity, making you more sensitive to the signs. A few may be feeling hopeless, unsure, depressed, weak, overwhelmed, downtrodden, angry, hurt, upset, & the negative list goes on. Don’t live in these feelings, but live in Jesus! This is another very important reason why you need to actively live in Jesus’ presence on your journey here so that He may reveal to you when you are spiritually hungry and feed you when you turn to Him. Living in His presence also provides a way for you to receive “a boost of nourishment” while you are being “hit” with problems, issues, & difficult circumstances. Only Jesus can provide nourishment to a hungry soul, and heal the effects of spiritual starvation. Have a wonderfully full day in Jesus! :o)