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Going through hardships, enduring difficulties both mentally and physically, hearing life altering news, and experiencing untold heartaches can actually have a unique way of bringing you to a place where you can learn that you can’t trust in what your eyes see, in what your ears hear, in what you logically know, nor in what you are going through. And it is at this crossroad that you will find God strongly desiring you to simply trust His heart. Imagine how it would be to send your one and only son to die an unimaginable death and at the same time be the Creator of all things able to change the situation and atmosphere with one brief thought. However, God who is so perfect, consistent and trustworthy held back. His heart held Him back because of you! May you let the Holy Spirit strengthen your inner man as you focus only on Jesus and together they will feed you the confidence to fully trust in God’s heart. A confidence that is vital to consistently having faith. Have a wonderful day ~ full of Jesus! :o)