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Truth and knowledge can disagree.  Knowledge in our world, in our reality, has limits, but truth does not. To live in truth you are living in the spiritual reality. The Word of God states that to truly worship God you must worship Him in spirit and in truth. When you stand on the Word of God and the confirmation that it provides then it opens you up to receive God fully. That’s why even the smallest baby, or a person with a mental disability can brightly shine with God’s glory. They have a beautifully intimate relationship with their creator! In the beginning, in the Garden of Eden, knowledge came between Adam, Eve and God. Before this they relied completely on God for all of their needs. Knowledge can be a valuable thing, but it can also be very dangerous and only the Holy Spirit can truly balance your life in this. May you be open for the Holy Spirit to lead you back to the garden where God alone is your provider in every aspect of your life; this journey is only made possible through Jesus Christ. Instead of trying to read your Bible alone to gain knowledge, try reading it with Jesus after asking Him to lead you into the truths you need to learn for your journey. May you have a wonderful day fully led by Jesus!