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A deeper relationship with Jesus doesn’t just happen after you accept Him as your Savior. It is another actively bold choice that you make using your free-will choice. God will not force Himself upon you, He is waiting for you to come to Him, and that deep desire to be drawn closer to Him is actually the first beautiful step in this type of relationship. Something begins to happen the moment you look to Him and reply with “Yes! I want that!” A deep, layer by painstaking layer cleansing that you might not even be aware of has radically started. Don’t get discouraged when you may not “see” results, but remind yourself the Holy Spirit is securing you as you cling to Jesus mentally and actively live in His presence. God is so thorough and amazing when we chose to let the Holy Spirit conform our lives to Him and that allows Him to be able to mold us into Jesus so that we may boldly, and accurately say, “Yes, I live in Jesus.” I pray that the Holy Spirit will build the confidence within you to trust in God’s heart because something is truly and amazingly happening in your life! Did you know that the first deep desire to be drawn closer to Him is actually a very privately intimate call from God, Himself, as the Holy Spirit whispers it in your heart? Yes, you are that beautiful to Him that He has actively created you and personally sought you out! Actively put Jesus first in your life so that He may heal every aspect of it as you become conformed to God’s will and He leads you into truly living! Have a beautifully full day in Jesus! :o)