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Multiple times throughout the Bible God’s people had no idea why they were being brought through certain things, but when they actively turned to Him first as their provider in all things and obeyed Him, then impossible situations turned into amazing victories because He told them when and how to enter their battles~He led them. A few times they would still “physically lose” but the victory was still there because the Lord was actively being Lord of their lives and was personally balancing them, keeping them in a place that they would not be overly sure of themselves, but instead be completely sure, dependent, and relying on Him. When we become overly sure of ourselves then we dangerously step away from God and start trying to handle “life” without Him; and even begin to question Him. God loves you more than anyone else ever could and He wants to actively be with you so He will take all precautions to not allow that to happen. But the Lord cannot do this in your life unless you allow Him to be Lord of your life! So may you find yourself being truly blessed today by being thoroughly cleansed of the “need to know, or understand,” and only being fed with the deep desire to intimately know your Savior as you stay in His arms and not grieve the Holy Spirit.