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Having a rough day, or just don’t feel right inside? What a fabulous opportunity for another “training step” in Jesus. Go within your mind and concentrate all on Jesus, no matter where you are, and hold tight to Him. You may even picture yourself clinging to Him while you speak of your need of Him, or just quietly rest in His arms. An amazing thing will happen because you freely chose to turn to Him for help. Supernaturally, you will start knowing a difference within you. You may be re-energized, strengthened, able to handle more, or able to just be at peace, or a multitude of other things, but either way you will know the difference because an amazing healing within has happened. You are experiencing Jesus for Whom He truly wants to be in your life, your Provider in all things. And then next time, do it again, and again, and again, then before you realize it you will continuously turn to Him and He will be able to release more of Himself to you. Your relationship will strengthen, and your trust in Him will build as well as the ability to actively live in His presence. True joy is beyond happiness and can only come from Jesus! So may your rough day become one of the best days!