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To be truly led by Jesus does He not have to go before you? And to be able to recognize Him, and hear Him, you will have to spend quality alone time with Him, and wouldn’t you have to also seek Him first? What power there is by doing that because you will then be able to enter a situation with Him foremost in your thoughts. You will be able to look at a person in front of you, but still see Jesus first within your thoughts, and you will be able to hear from a person and still quickly turn to Jesus in your thoughts for a proper response, or “weeding” out of negative things, or untruths, or things that may appear fine or good for others, but for you could be detrimental to your well being. So only Jesus can truly lead you on your individually, unique path, and by Him going before you He will know what you face on your path so only He can truly prepare you, shield you, and protect you. Don’t let your protective shield that is in front of you slip by focusing on something other than Jesus. When you truly follow Jesus you will be amazed because other people stop becoming your stumbling blocks, your questioning stops, and your worshiping increases, and you become more aware of Jesus than anything else around…you become more aware of a personally, intimate Victory that surpasses all knowledge of this world! I pray that you actively see Jesus before you in all that you do and have a wonderful day with Jesus first!