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Actively living in Jesus’ presence is the only way to be prepared for what you face. He goes before you, and doesn’t want you to be surprised by what the next minute may bring, nor what may attack. He wants to prepare you. It may be a Bible verse He read with you the night before, or a revelation He uttered to you throughout the day, but if you are not focused on Jesus within you, nor are you sensitive to Him, then you will be taken by surprise, finding yourself struggling for some type of order in the confusion that is not of God. As in the days before Jesus was to be crucified, Jesus told His disciples, “Ye know that after two days is the feast of the Passover, and the Son of man is betrayed to be crucified.” (Matthew 26:2) But they were not empowered yet by the Holy Spirit so they were not reminded of that when the time came. They struggled with their “Adam mindset” and did not actively chose to remind themselves of Jesus’ words; they were caught up in what they physically saw and heard which was more than anyone would ever be able to handle. However, Jesus did all He could to prepare them, regardless of the level of their relationship with Him, He did prepare each and every one of them. Can you not see the very importance of the Holy Spirit actively working in your life? Knowing that is the 1 unforgivable sin~blasphemy against the Holy Ghost (Mark 3:29), alone, should show you the precious, treasure He truly is as He reveals all truth to you in your journey with Jesus while on earth. The Holy Spirit will actively remind you of truths keeping you secure in “Christ’s mindset,” as you actively turn to Jesus first in all things. May you have a wonderful Passover as you actively live in Jesus’ presence and the Holy Spirit securely empowers you from within as you are Divinely prepared for your next minute.