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The Beloved Cross at Calvary~Physically it was heart wrenching, unfathomable and something we could never truly stomach when we clearly see through our physical eyes that will cause our weak bodies to scream out at those that had the audacity to allow it to happen, or actively took part in it. But then we learn that He allowed it to happen, that God, Himself, allowed it because that was the only way He could bridge our relationship back to Him. Those physical eyes that are the lenses through which our “Adam mindset” sees through may firmly reject the harsh realities and appearance of the sacrificing our Messiah endured for us, but spiritually it truly is a beautiful sight to behold. Our Savior, Jesus Christ, our Beloved Son of God becoming our Unblemished Passover Lamb that was concealed in the Old Testament in Exodus 12 and revealed in the Gospels in Matthew 26:26-29 as He proclaimed Himself to be, so that as His sacrificial blood is poured over our lives, cleansing our sins, we are then made righteous (right standing) before God, our Heavenly Father, and are able to develop and grow into a true relationship with Him. John 4:24 states, “God is a Spirit; and they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth.” In thinking on this truth, may you clearly see the importance of praying that your spiritual eyes and ears will be open and may you have a wonderful Passover as you actively live in Jesus’ presence so that the Holy Spirit may open up your spiritual eyes and ears.