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He Lives…may you remember this and experience this moment by moment, day by day. Think about those two very powerful words…He Lives.  Meaning He is here, present and actively moving, but it is your choice whether or not to acknowledge Him. Have you ever studied the names of God? What beauty there is in knowing them because they all add up to one Glorious, Loving, Father that wants to be your sole provider as you actively become dependent upon Him for all things. He will move and use all that is at His disposal to help you, teach you, guide you, heal you, comfort you, strengthen you, discipline you…and above all give you an amazing, loving relationship experience that goes against all “natural realm” of thinking because it is an earth shattering two-sided relationship with you that goes against all the limits in our natural, “Adam mindset.” So, today, if you haven’t already, turn to Jesus give Him access to every part of your life, every part of your body, house, relationships, vehicles, children, etc, let go of your limits here and let go of all things here so that He can bring you to a place that you will be able to fully receive Him. What beauty there is when He deeply, thoroughly cleanses them all and then slowly feeds them back to you only, those things are now strengthened, fortified and God, Himself, is found at the very root of those relationships and in charge of those items. Did you know that just believing in Jesus, our Glorious Passover Lamb, our Messiah that tenderly holds us in His arms and guides us moment by moment, while the Holy Spirit actively dwells within these earthly bodies of ours with our spirits developing us to be in His mindset, is a blessing in and of itself? May you continue to have a powerful, Passover and Easter…all because of Jesus!