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God loves you so much that He wants more for you than you could ever imagine, He wants to become so familiar to you that you will actively chose to turn to Him first in all things no matter what happens, or is happening in your life, while deeply knowing His security. A relationship with God takes personal sacrifices, sacrificial time, sacrificial priorities and it is considered to be a sacrifice, but the amazing thing is that you soon find out that it really is no sacrifice at all to actively chose Him because that is the only way to truly live. What a blessing to be able to be in a Divine relationship with your Loving, Father, the Creator of all things! And for us to even have an opportunity to have such a relationship with Him took the biggest sacrifice of all…Our Messiah Jesus on the Beloved Cross. He lives, He is alive and may your life become more about God securely holding your heart in the palms of His beautifully, powerful hands, the Holy Spirit actively indwelling you, becoming the very breath you breathe, and Jesus securely holding you from now until eternity! A strong bond like no other is blossoming in your life because you used your free-will choice to chose Him…so may you have a glorious day all because of our Beloved Messiah!