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If you feel a tiny bit off balanced, or even a lot: which can be restless, unsure, confused, lost, uncertain, and the endless list goes on, then simply turn to Jesus within, smile and lay your head against His chest and wait. I’m sure you have experienced how positive thinking works, or the affects of someone else uplifting you, so how much more will it be when you allow Jesus to heal that “off-balance” feeling, or whatever else you are in need of? Only Jesus truly knows what you need to know, hear, or experience to heal whatever is going on within you. He may send someone to encourage you, and they may not even know He sent them, but you will; He may encourage you to open your Bible to a specific scripture; He may whisper His love for you; or remind you of something you have heard before or what He has done before in your life; whatever the case may be you will experience your Faithful Shepherd. This process is again another beautiful training step in becoming completely dependent on God, and doing this will build your confidence in the Lord tiny step by tiny step, and before you realize it you will have more patience in waiting on Him for the bigger things. So much strength and patience is grown when you simply wait on Him, which is the complete opposite of what our natural, “Adam mindset” would want us to do. May you experience Jesus’ nourishment throughout today and may the Lord reveal to you just how precious you are in His sight as He sees you waiting on Him because your actions are telling Him that you know exactly where your strength and healing comes from, your Shepherd, your Provider~your Jesus!