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The harsh realities of a physical death of a loved one, or friend, is something that affects us in ways that nothing else can and at the same time be a bold, powerful reminder~we individually belong to God. We are created beings created for God and by God. He loves us and our loved ones, or friends, more than we ever could and only He can truly breathe life back into a situation affected by the separation of physical death. And regardless of the ages intimately affected by it, only Jesus knows what they need to hear or receive, for they are His. Life is not our time on earth…true life is eternal and God wants more for us than what we have here on earth. Death is not final, it simply means “separation,” our loved ones and friends are physically separated from us, but they are reunited with their First True Love, Jesus! The moment the Holy Spirit quickens the spirit of those that leave us, can you even imagine what they see? The Lord’s arms opened wide, His eyes of passionate fire focused intently on them while Jesus’ powerful words of life flows over and through them as He wraps them in His powerful embrace, ‘Your loved ones on earth will turn to me and I will comfort them as only I can. They are mine and I am theirs, as you are mine and are finally completely in my arms. You have run the race well my Beloved rest in me.’ What joy it is for us to be reunited with God, but what reality of pain others can experience because they miss us, but the pain and hole left can only be healed and filled by Jesus. If you are affected, may you immediately turn to Jesus within so that you may see Him before those you miss while He fills you with His strength and comfort. If it is a friend or loved one affected, then may you see Jesus before those hurting as the Holy Spirit either leads you to be a presence for them, or to say a few words, while He uses you to turn those hurting back to Jesus and their intimacy with Him so that their Sole Provider, Jesus, can provide for them; and that is the most beautiful way to honor those that have left this limited earth before us.