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The physical world foreshadows the spiritual world. As in our physical bodies needing nourishment, so do our spiritual lives. When you are “feeding” or thinking on the wrong things your thoughts can become full of junk, and you become more sensitive to the wrong things, and less sensitive to God. The affects are becoming grumpy, easily offended, complaining, snappy, etc, and this makes you more self-occupied instead of God-occupied. It keeps you blinded, grounded, and limited to the physical world. And if you don’t self-discipline yourself to deal with it then that can build and build in your life becoming strongholds within your mind that actually block out Jesus in your life. And where in the Bible does it tell you to think on the problems and try to find the solution? I have found instead that it encourages us to think and continuously worship God. Thinking on problems doesn’t change the problem and it isn’t worshiping God. It is dwelling in the darkness because you are not thinking on Jesus, Whom is the only Guiding Light in your life. But thinking on Jesus, talking with Him, actively putting the problem under His Sacrificial Blood by giving it over to Him, and asking Him to strengthen your inner man while you reaffirm your belief that He will lead you through the issue because only He can successfully lead you. Then while He builds patience within you so that you may wait on Him, you take moments to simply worship and Praise Him. That is actively dwelling in the Light! When you are turning to Jesus first, by actively living in His presence, then you are using you free-will choice to open yourself up to receiving His strength, comfort, joy, peace, and any other type of nourishment He knows you need. The result is supernatural living with a deep grounded knowledge in victory, and peace, that is not based on your physical circumstances, but is limitless and supernatural. So when your physical world “appears” to be crashing down around you, your footing will remain strong and secure because your have received your proper nourishment from the Most High God, the Great I Am, the Alpha and the Omega, the Creator of all things. God specifically wants to provide you with the nourishment He knows you need, or will need, not what you think you need! May the Lord fully nourish you today!