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We all want a good night sleep. We find ourselves all wanting to not wake up in the middle of the night over various reasons and find ourselves being frustrated and angry over it when we don’t get what we want. Then we begin to interpret our idea of a “good night sleep” by the number of times we were not awake in the middle of the night. What wrong thinking! Did you know that the best night you may ever experience is a night that you do find yourself awake? Years ago, when I began to actively dwell in the Lord’s presence I would find myself awake around 3:00 am. Finally, I turned to Jesus and asked Him why I was awake. The Holy Spirit then led me to a prophetic meaning of that specific time, it was an amazing “rema” (Divine, Holy Word), that personally spoke to my life at the time. That actually continuously happened for a season. Then I found myself awake at other times and He told me it didn’t have specific prophetic meanings, but were warrior training steps, and relationship building blocks in Jesus. I began to thoroughly enjoy being woken up by Jesus, and took every opportunity to worship Him because He wanted me to! To be able to receive your blessing the Lord is trying to fulfill in your life you must stop being so aggravated by being awake in the middle of the night, stop making yourself frustrated because you can only think on what your next day is going to bring and how tired you will be if you don’t sleep! When you find yourself awake, turn to Jesus, take every precious moment that you have alone and actively turn to Him. That just may be what you need to currently happen in order to break more barriers against Jesus that you have no idea you even have in your life. Your source is Jesus, so He will provide your strength and rest, and see you through what needs done at work or whatever you may face during the upcoming day. He just may want to prepare you for something that will try to unexpectedly take you unaware. What is happening? Jesus is trying to actively become Lord of your Night…so tonight, may you sleep in Jesus!