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Just because you have accepted Jesus as your Savior, or go to church, or are a professed Christian, does not mean that you are actually living in Jesus as the Holy Word encourages us to. Living in Jesus is a daily free-will choice. To actively live in the Lord’s presence takes a deep desire to do so, a very real acceptance that you know you cannot continue to breathe without Him, deal with things in this life without Him, walk without Him, sleep without Him, and the list goes on and is actually unique and specific to your personal earthly life. You basically know that He, alone, is your source for strength, joy, peace, and true life. If you have not already taken the first step by speaking to Him before you start your day, turning to Him before you turn to anyone else, etc., please do so. This takes time and sacrificial effort, but amazing things begin to happen. Your life becomes completely and wholly surrounded by His presence and He releases the knowledge that the Holy Spirit is the one that had fed you those deep, unusual desires to begin with. Another amazing concept is then revealed when you dwell in Jesus: you are actually dwelling in real experiential, continuous prayer. The two-sided communication with Him has been clearly opened by the Holy Spirit as you have been brought through untold training steps, and relationship building blocks (trials) during the day times, and also at night while you were sleeping and unaware. Various things in your life, responses, desires, goals, outlooks, promises, responsibilities, priorities were changed more for the glory of God, and you are more firmly established in the amazing, very real, overly active, above anything this sinful world has to offer, love that only can be revealed by the Holy Spirit. Today, may you find yourself dwelling in prayer because that is the only way to truly live~dwelling in Jesus!