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Don’t allow yourself to be desensitized to Jesus’ presence. You can physically be in a room with someone that is very encouraging, but if you do not acknowledge them, nor speak to them then you will not be able to receive their encouragement, nor love. However, if you acknowledge them and make a conscious effort to go to them then you will receive from them, be moved by them, and can even be changed by them. The same thing happens in our relationship with Jesus. You know where He is. You don’t have to “find” Him because He is all-present, all-knowing. Remember the mystery of the Gospel is “Christ within us.” By turning to Him first in all things, acknowledging, and reverencing Jesus’ presence within you, you are opening yourself up to be able to receive from Him. And dwelling like this keeps you deeply connected to your Provider, your loving Savior, your Victorious Conqueror. Praise Jesus, regardless of our circumstances, or situations what precious victory we already rest in as we actively reverence His intimate presence within us!