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God wants to be at rest in us, and wants us to have an earth shattering need and desire to have Him there because only then will He be able to actively dwell in us at peace, with no struggling. Discipline can be very difficult, but we are His children and need it. God is so powerful, so beautiful, so amazing that our limited earthly minds cannot truly fathom Him and as we get closer to Jesus we discover that we are walking blindly when we walk through life in accordance with what we physically see or hear; and that is exactly what the enemy wants us to keep doing. He wants us to get so concerned, so rapt up, and so engrossed in our physical world that we become desensitized to Jesus, and are unable to distinguish the leading and promptings of the Holy Spirit, thereby not allowing God to find a resting place in us. Contention, confusion, and struggling is the environment the enemy wants us to live in, and he is the prince of this world. However, Jesus is King over all, but we can only fully experience this when we allow Him to be fully Lord of our lives. We must embrace Divine discipline. We become trained by His discipline by bringing everything about us under subjection to Him, and by doing that we are actively letting Jesus cleanse us and wash every obstacle in our lives. We begin to no longer do things by our own initiative, we stop pulling back and forth from Him because we no longer try to “figure it out,” we stop questioning, and begin to actively dwell under Jesus’ complete authority. His Spirit can be at complete rest in us because we are not grieving Him as we have also embraced waiting on Him. Only our Lord knows what will happen next and what we truly need, or desire so waiting on Him is the only way. Are you allowing yourself to become God’s resting place? May you actively rest in Jesus so that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit may all three Divinely rest in you.