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Your path with Jesus is so intimate and unique that only you are able to walk it with Him. Think about when your body dies and you appear before God, will He consult with anyone else regarding you? No, He is omnipotent (all-powerful), and omniscient (all-knowing). So why even attempt to compare yourself, or your life with others now? They are not your creator, only God is, and they really do not know what you truly need, nor do you because you didn’t create yourself! So wait on Jesus, actively turn to Him as your Great Counselor, and amazing things will begin to happen as you actively live in His presence. Every step and every change within you will lovingly be confirmed by the Word of God as the Holy Spirit reveals it to you as you need to know it for encouragement. You are intimately connected to your Source for all things. And what amazing Divine Confidence He is actively able to build within you so that you are able to boldly go before God’s throne, and firmly know that you are righteous (right standing before God) because He sees you covered in red, Jesus’ Sacrificial Blood! May you continue having a beautiful Shabbat in the arms of your Savior as you actively enjoy His presence. Shabbat Shalom!