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No matter what may come your way, may you deeply know that you no longer have a desperate need to know the answers of how, when, why, or where to your questions because your Savior is actively Lord of your life. The Holy Spirit has brought you to a place in Him that you deeply know that if you have a need to know then He will tell you how you need to hear it in order for you to fully understand, when you need to hear it, why you need to hear it, and at the perfect place of where you need to hear it. Don’t simply want the straightforward physical-world answers, nor settle for them, because God wants to give you the answers that have depth to them. If He would tell you the answer when you think you need to know it then you will know it in your mind, but if He tells you them in His time then you will experience a depth to those answers that will astound you. The answer will not only answer your questions, but will break all barriers and strongholds involved that you aren’t even aware of, it will come at a time that you will be able to spiritually see the miracle and not be able to question if it really is from Him, it will heal the path your feet are currently standing on and at the same time show you the next step you are to take, and it will keep your eyes firmly fastened on your loving Savior, your Jesus! Wait on the Lord in all things while you stay firmly focused on Jesus, don’t question, and desperately want Divine answers to your situations and circumstances! :o)