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You want to overcome, you are tired of things seemingly happening one right after the other, you want “your big break” where everything will fall into place and peace will right itself in your life. You want to have your finances in order, you want to be out of debt, or at the very least not live paycheck to paycheck. You want to feel appreciated, loved, and comforted. You want to know you matter, that you are making a difference. You want to feel as you used to when you were young and everything seemed to be going so slowly for you, but yet the world still seemed to hold so many possibilities for your life, you want to again know joy, and the endless list goes on. Even if you suddenly could get all of that, you would still continuously want other things. Why don’t you stop the endless cycle and use your free-will choice to grasp a hold of a victory that goes way beyond our earthly mindsets? What you need is to pray for a deep desire to want Jesus, and His relationship with you to take priority in your life! Then and only then will you begin to see the training steps involved in your current situation, only then will you be able to appreciate where you currently are, learn from what the Lord may be trying to teach you, or have the strength to give over to Him what He needs from you so that He may continue to thoroughly cleanse you and draw you in deeper into Him. May you firmly use your free-will choice to choose Jesus, and may that desire become a boldly living reality as you actively choose to dwell in His presence. Actively making Him Lord of your life is the only way you will reach full contentment in this life thereby truly being an overcomer! Only one choice needs to be made to get what your heart and soul greatly desires! May you have a wonderful day in Jesus! ;o)