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May you never trust yourself over Jesus, nor put yourself ahead of Him. Putting your needs, your thoughts, your desires before Him actually builds a barrier between Jesus and you, and although you may see a version of a victory in your life, it is only superficial. If your daily free-will choice is to actively turn to Jesus first an amazing thing happens: you find out that He loves you more than you ever could love yourself, and only He can fully nourish you, comfort you, strengthen you, and by Him doing all of that to you, you are then able to nourish others and be an encouragement to them. You are then able to release the unconditional love He is releasing in you to others, and you find yourself dwelling in a place beyond the rational mindset and you begin to wait for unlimited, victorious results. So by actively fellow-shipping with Jesus and allowing Him to be Lord of your day, and night, you are actually dwelling where God, the Creator of all things, wants you to be. May you give up trying to be lord of your own life, and let Jesus be. May you have a wonderful day in Jesus!