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When you are actively turning to Jesus, you are actively dwelling in His presence and with that comes healing from all depths most especially spiritual, thoughts, mind, directions, and ways. There is also peace and joy that is constant regardless of your circumstances, or situations. But why do peace and joy seem like the first things to go when a thought appears or something negative happens? Well, technically they have never left they are an active part of Jesus who has promised to never leave you nor forsake you, they are just being covered up by the waste, bottled up junk, and all things not of God that will torment, clutter, steal, and provide blocks from being able to receive from Jesus. They are precious and are such a confirmation of His presence and of seeing Him clearly that you must do all you can to protect them. It would be great and easy to always blame it on the enemy, but truthfully you can’t. We do have a role to play in controlling ourselves and in preserving our minds. God gave us the sound mind, but self-discipline goes a long way in actively keeping it secure. And remember that just because a thought has gone through your mind doesn’t mean it is from you so stop self-condemning yourself! Immediately take that thought, or situation to the cross then look to Jesus and ask Him to guide you into a verse in the Bible that will heal that thought and wait. Depending on your situation and your intimate relationship with Jesus, He will use all things to actively teach you patience, how to better protect your mind, etc, so it may take seconds, minutes, hours, but continue to wait and pour His beloved blood over the thought until the Holy Spirit either reminds you of a verse or leads you to one. This interaction with Jesus is building confidence, strength, and trust as well as cleansing your connection with your Beloved Divine Source for all things and is actively training your mind to turn to your Savior and actively make Him Lord of your life. May you have a wonderful start of the new week as you actively embrace and trust Jesus, not your thoughts.