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Where you “dwell” is where you reside in. Although physically it is a lot easier to decipher where you dwell, spiritually it is another matter. It is a choice that is so very important and it does affect all areas of your life, including your physical world. Everyday we can freely choose to think on whatever it is we would like to think on. That is a freedom of ours, but it is a freedom that when handled unwisely can become a small stone that we dash our foot on, a stumbling block, an obstacle in our way, a full sized barrier, or a stronghold where Jesus is not Lord of our lives. What do you think on? Do you think on the impossibilities of your situations or experiences, uncertainties of tomorrow, helplessness, hopelessness, self-condemnation, selfish desires and wants, how someone has hurt you, the offences of others, what needs to be done, what you aren’t doing (you get the picture); or are you focusing on Jesus, His Beloved Cross, His Sacrificial Blood that cleanses all sins, His unconditional love for you and all others, the amazing Holy Spirit given to you to secure you more fully and to more intimately guide you while God, your Heavenly Father, the Great I Am, looks upon you. Hopefulness, helpfulness, endless possibilities, satisfaction in all areas of your life, the forgiveness of others, and simply waiting on Jesus to guide you to what He would like for you to get done~dwelling in Jesus! As you actively freely choose to dwell in Jesus, on a moment by moment basis, it becomes the life you lead, the Holy Spirit becomes the very breath you breathe and then you see that it truly is the only way to live, full of true freedom. Dwelling in Jesus is the only way you can truly rest in Him and receive His peace and joy that will root itself deeply within you while going through your hard journey on earth, producing in you the sweetest fruit that will blossom all for the glory of God! May you have a wonderfully peaceful day resting in Jesus! Shabbat Shalom!