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There are times you may “feel” helpless, but the best thing to do in that situation is to firmly denounce and destroy that thought! You are a child of the Most High God and you are never “helpless,” nor “hopeless.” You have the Great I Am intently clearing your path as each second, minute, hour, and day passes. Feelings, are just that~feelings. They do serve a purpose and can be an amazing part of experiencing an assortment of things. They can be such a blessing when you have learned how to correctly decipher them, but you can only do that from the help of the Holy Spirit because we are not perfect, our perceptions, our visions…well, they are off! And what happens is that they appear to “lie” to us. So as your relationship with Jesus has deepened, that is one of the major things the Lord will cleanse you of and give you wisdom in…not letting “feelings” wrongly overcome you. No, we aren’t perfect, but we are clinging to the one who is perfect. The major problem that happens is that we start allowing our feelings to lead us, yes, that’s right, you are allowing them to lead you, you do have a choice. The best thing to do when you are overcome, or you notice that you are more aware of your “feelings” than Jesus is immediately reject those feelings and inwardly turn to Jesus and picture yourself clinging to Him…and wait! Ask for a healing of them, and then intently listen as the Holy Spirit reminds you of who you are clinging to and whom you are intimately connected to~Jesus, your Savior who actively conquered all sin and only dwells in victory, and the Great I Am who is the creator of all things, and wants you to conquer your feelings through Him, and wants to train you to be stronger than anything you may experience in this world because you are actively connected to His strength and dwell in it! You are just experiencing another training step of learning to trust more in Jesus than what you physically experience. Have a wonderful day, in Jesus!