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We spend countless energy trying to convince our minds sometimes just to accept certain things that will lead us into a victorious walk with Jesus, but yet we quickly and all too easily find ourselves rationalizing and embracing the wrongs, the negative words, the negative relationships, anything that an “expert” tells us, things our natural minds are used to, and whatever things that basically everyone in society would believe, not even really questioning if it is a lie or not. How much more victory would we experience if we self-discipline ourselves to only embrace those things of God, to turn to Him first in whatever we experience, to look to the Bible and allow the Holy Spirit to lead us into finding out what God says regarding certain things we are going through (believe me it is all right there)? Well, we will find that we will have more energy, we will dwell in hope, victory, and limitless possibilities because our focus will be on the only One you should ever go to while the Holy Spirit will radically change your life and mold you into what God had originally designed you to be, and that is way more than you could ever imagine. You’ll find that if you really try to explain it, or find the “rationality” of what is happening to you, you won’t be able to because it is beyond the rational mindset and beyond this world; it is of God, the Creator. Do not be concerned if you start to believe, or step away from the “norm,” or flock of society, you are uniquely and wonderfully made and only the Lord, your Shepherd, knows what you need, and only He can actively lead you. You will get to know the Lord’s voice and He will confirm what He is doing to you which lines perfectly up with the Word of God. He will also gather you into a new, Divine flock, and send others to you and you will find your fellowship is truly what it should be, all for the glory of God. May you have a wonderful day actively walking behind Jesus, your Shepherd, and not the rest of the flock!