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May you take a moment and ask Jesus to remind you of times during this past week that clearly show your deepening relationship with Him. Just because you may not “see” it, nor “know” it in your mind doesn’t mean nothing is happening. I have found that as you actively turn to Jesus, and freely choose to continuously dwell in Him amazing things are actually happening and it is especially during those times that you do not “see” it, nor “know” it when the Holy Spirit is greatly moving within you and securing the connection more fully in Jesus, preparing you to experience God at a deeper level. So during those times that your mind wants to send you into discouragement mode, smile, and boldly proclaim, “I actively choose you Jesus above all things, and wait on you. You will let me in on what I need to know exactly when I need to know it. May our relationship go beyond the rationality of this world as it is deeply embedded in your powerful love.” When you are actively acknowledging Jesus, you are praying without ceasing, thereby actively living in His presence, you are allowing the Holy Spirit to actively move and work in your life. And it is alright if you don’t fully understand the Holy Spirit, because only He can bring you to a deeper, fuller understanding of Him as your relationship deepens, just keep on actively looking to Jesus; and don’t forget to also quietly wait on Him to talk to you so that you may learn to know His voice, which is limitless. Shabbat Shalom!