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No matter what you are experiencing or going through, may you find that your heart cannot stop singing praises to your King regardless of what your rational mindset tells you to do. Self-discipline yourself to rise above your thoughts. Take every opportunity to strengthen your faithfulness to God while the Holy Spirit continues to cleanse you of rational limits so that He may make you more sensitive to Him, His nudging, and His guiding. The worst thing you could possibly do is stop speaking your praises, there is something so real, so powerful in keeping your heart completely focused and turned towards Jesus, and of course the sly tactic of the enemy is to do all he can to stop that connection. Remember, before his fall he was the angel of worship, and he knows the powerful affects, healing, and spiritual growth, strength, and power that surrounds us when we worship the Lord, so he will try to squelch it at every opportunity; and tries to put us in every possible situation, or experience, that will rob and steal that desire to praise the Lord, or to have you forget to do so. So boldly rise above those limited emotions and situations, and don’t let him! God has specifically designed us to be able to worship and praise Him without anyone else even knowing, no matter where we are. Praising and worshiping the Lord keeps you focused on how great and how big God, our Great I Am, is! So continue to sing, or speak your praises, and allow the Lord to deepen your relationship with Him! ;o)