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A “bad day,” we all have had them, and some may even be experiencing one today. You are not able to get done what you want to get done, or you just don’t feel right, you feel pulled in all different directions, you’re tired, ill, unsure, overwhelmed, and the list goes on. Well, what you need to do is choose to smile, despite your circumstances, and boldly turn inwardly to Jesus. Bad days are actually beautiful days because that is when you truly experience and find that your days are only ever really great because you have Jesus, within, to fellowship with, to rely on, to turn to, and to lean on. As you turn to Jesus, continue to focus on Him while you wait for your thoughts and mind to be healed; the Holy Spirit may even remind you that He will victoriously see you through whatever you are going through, just wait and trust Him. Your day then turns into being an amazing building step in faith, confidence, patience and plays a key role in deepening your relationship with Jesus because you are actively acknowledging Him as your provider in all things, and He is actively becoming the very breath you breathe. And just think, all of those miraculous changes happen because of a “bad day” in the flesh. Wow, what victory we have in Jesus!