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Our words and actions done in “love,” while we are here, are amazingly limited and weak when compared to the love of God. There is no comparison. We speak of love, we experience love, and we love “love.” However, as your relationship with Jesus deepens you are intently brought to a place where you will be able to receive more and more of God’s love. Although we can only take so much, and can barely scratch the surface of it and are limited in receiving His all-powerful consuming love, we can receive a tiny bit of it. Which aside from completely satisfying us, it can also lead us into craving it even more. It is a love that is beyond anything you could ever imagine and makes our limited attempts at loving seem like merely a slight fondness. It is a love that disciplines us as He makes us aware of what we need to change in our lives. It is a love that is beyond any rational mindset, and has its very roots grounded in a limitless realm that shows you and guides you into the limitless possibilities while you continue to live in a limited world. It is a love that will amazingly feed you the confidence to withstand any circumstance you encounter. It is a love that nourishes every aspect of your spirit, soul, and body. It is a love that heals your mind and whispers of a passionate, limitless relationship with the Creator of all things, the Great I Am. It is a love that guides you and secures you for an eternity. It is a love that you will dwell in as you actively live in Jesus. It is a love that can only briefly be scraped at on the surface and will take an eternity to explore. It is a love that is your Heavenly Father who is passionately turned towards you. It is the Love of God! May you have a wonderful day in Jesus while the Holy Spirit continues to specifically release the love of God to you!