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The 4th of July, a celebration of independence that can only be enjoyed in our country because of a select few and their sacrifices over the years. An independence that is currently maintained, and secured because of only a few, when compared to our population. There are a multiple of freedoms that we enjoy and share with each other. However, there is a freedom that we often take for granted. A freedom to share our testimonies and personal relationship with Jesus with others to encourage them, incite them for a deeper relationship with Him, and fill them with hope at the endless possibilities of a limitless relationship with the Great I Am, who desires us to fully experience Him and not just talk, or read about Him. God has specifically designed us to be able to worship, praise, and communicate with Him regardless of where we are, or if we are “legally” restricted, because no one can truly restrict us from communicating with Him. We can easily look to someone and at the same time speak with Jesus, however, what an opportunity that we have, as Americans, to openly write, speak, and loudly rejoice over our precious Savior no matter where we are at, or through an endless amount of communication devices that can be posted around the world without reprisal! A deep thankfulness to all of the men and women who are currently sacrificing, or have already sacrificed, to maintain our freedom in America, and may the Lord continue to bless our nation as we look towards Him for guidance while we continue to firmly stand behind Israel. May you have a wonderfully safe, and rejoicing holiday in Jesus as you celebrate the freedoms of the 4th of July!