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When you partake in something that does not glorify God what are the results? What are the possible tragedies, or side affects? It is not at all good. That is why we sometimes look to the doctor, or the surgeon and think what have I done to myself? But that too has victory because under the blood of Jesus we are forgiven and not punished, but we still will have to deal with the consequences of our actions…however, there is still victory in that too! And the only way to live a life that glorifies God is to turn to Jesus first in all things. Nothing is worth working with, dealing with, looking at, or seeing if it does not glorify God. May you desire a simplified life, one that is not chaotic, not too busy, and one that does not have too many obligations. Yes, you can live a life that is not too busy…just say no sometimes! Make sure you have family time, alone time, and God time all the time. The beautiful thing is that the moment you step towards this type of life style, by looking first to Jesus and asking for it, things start happening and within days, weeks, or even years you will look back and be amazed at all that has changed in your life. You will have time to stand there and take a deep, relaxed breath of victory as the Holy Spirit shows you the miraculous changes in your life all because of your first desire~Jesus. And then when the Holy Spirit begins to quicken your spirit to physically see Jesus you will recognize Him and know what He is doing as your body dies, and with great anticipation look forward to rejoicing and seeing the Great I Am, your Heavenly Father, as His gaze passionately looks to you and tells you, “Come to me, my child!” and your response? Well, if you cannot move then Jesus will joyfully carry you to Him! Awwww…what pure, sweet victory we live when we allow Jesus to actively be Lord of our seconds, moments, minutes, hours, days and nights! May you have a wonderful evening… Shabbat Shalom!