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Have you ever tried to convince yourself of something, or spent even more time trying to figure out what in the world is going on with your life? One simple, powerful truth, the mystery of the Gospel being Christ within us, should immediately wipe that out…you are not alone! Or have you spent time trying to get something that you already have, victory in your circumstances? You have Christ within you, what more could you need? That is the surety that you do have the victory you desperately crave. Why do you think you are craving it? Because it is the opposite of what the Holy Spirit is trying to reveal to you that you already have. What sly tactics from the enemy, and the attacks trying to weaken your self-discipline all designed to take precious time away from allowing your relationship to grow and deepen in Jesus by trying to keep you at the threshold of when you first accepted Him as your Savior. Don’t let it happen, that is another reason why it is so important to read the Bible with the Lord and to take time to get to know Him more and more by actively acknowledging Him throughout the day and even in the night. And it’s another important reason why it is so vital to spend precious time with Him when all is seemingly right and appears to be going great in your life. By doing that during these times, you will be taking advantage of more strengthening exercises in faith, and you will be more prepared when circumstances, or situations strike. Don’t waste energy, nor time by not deepening your relationship with Jesus. So if you find yourself sitting there trying to convince yourself that He loves you, or trying to convince yourself of anything else…STOP, Smile…and just enjoy the Lord! :o)