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May you be able to simply, but very deeply know that all that truly matters to you is that you are a Child of the Most High God. As our bodies give out, our limited lives, as we know them to be, become simplified and we can easily see that it is broken down between us, individually, and our Savior. The sooner we realize the importance of this knowledge, the easier it will be to stand firm and look at, experience, and stand on the victory that we know is present regardless of the circumstances, situations, or issues that hound us while we dwell here. Because our Beloved, Most High God is the creator of all things, what could possibly overpower Him? Nothing! So it makes no sense to worry, fear, nor look to the frailty of your body because you were uniquely, divinely, and specifically created by Him. And your life is more precious and powerful than what you physically see, hear, or experience and goes way beyond this earthly dwelling. Praise Jesus for the weaknesses within us that we see, or those uncertainties that try to overwhelm us because they are reminders for us to look to Him for help in all areas of our life. And as we do so, we are able to experience the victory that goes way beyond this limited world because we actively acknowledge Him as our Sole Provider. Divine faith, divine confidence, and divine strength is all rooted in His divine love that is the very foundation and root of your existence because your Abba, Heavenly Father, is passionately looking upon you as Jesus’ blood covers you and the Holy Spirit’s breath fills you as you actively and freely choose to dwell in Him, rather than in anything else!