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We feel the need to connect with other people’s heartache, pain, problems or issues, and it does seem like the correct thing to do in order to be able to sympathize with them and show them we care, but how very wrong we are. How much more will we be able to encourage and help them when we, instead, stay firmly connected to Jesus, and self-discipline ourselves to not get completely wrapped up in their issues, but instead firmly look to Jesus first? We’ll be able to see, hear, and speak the victory into their lives, lead and help to lift them above their situations and direct them to where they need to be~right in the arms of their Savior. When we do this, the Holy Spirit will be able to release God’s truths through us so that we can share it with them and it will effectively strengthen their personal journey with Jesus which will be what they truly need so that they, themselves, can listen and hear from Him in how they should move forward. Thinking we need to dwell, or connect fully with their issues is another sly tactic from the enemy to keep us connected and dwelling in pain, hopelessness, suffering, uncertainty (and the negative list goes on). There is also a very subtle ploy at work, trying to get you connected to limited earthly things, most times it is not just a connection with other people, but it can be your home, car, clothes, desires, etc, which will clog your vision of Jesus and so when something does happen you are unable to see, or hear His victory in your life because you are more connected with your loss, let alone be able to help anyone else. So may you do all you can to stay firmly connected to Jesus and when you do, you’ll find that He is further supernaturally securing that bond all by His loving, Holy Spirit! May you have a wonderful day and may your connection with Jesus continue to remain fully open!