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Need something, need something that your body isn’t doing? Or need something that is so simple and basic, or even complex? Well, did you ask Jesus? The Lord knows what you have need of, but there is something so precious about asking and then receiving and there is a richness and depth to that simple concept that is unfathomable. Each time you turn to Him and ask, then wait and receive, you are in fact training your mind to look to Him as He wants you to by acknowledging Him as your sole provider. This building of faith and confidence through all that you experience in life is an amazing way to live and you will soon find out that all of His provisions is rooted and grounded in His specifically unique love for you! Your life then becomes an unprecedented life because only He can confirm your path to you, only He can truly lead you, and only He can show you the way to the limitless life He is wanting to draw you into. May you have a beautiful day experiencing Him~Shabbat Shalom!