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Can’t seem to erase, nor dispel the feeling that God has forsaken you, or that you are hit one right after the other with issues? Remember, God is greater than all things, He is most certainly greater than your feelings. You physically see the problems, but the real and dangerous problem is that you are seeing it through a limited view. Look to Jesus and wait on Him, openly refuse to look, or think of the problems and start praising Him. Wait on Him to turn your eyes back towards the situation or issue after He prepares you and while the Holy Spirit reveals the truth to you. Only then will you be able to see correctly. Nothing is always as it seems, nor can everything be classified as “it is what it is.” Don’t be fooled, nor let anything trip you up, look to your Lord first in all things because that is the only way to live a limitless life while dwelling in a limited world. May you have a wonderful week in experiencing your amazing life of living in Jesus!