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Overwhelmed by so much that is happening in your life? Your friends, family, or home can seem to be your anchor, however we aren’t promised that they will always be there for us. We live in a shifting, ever changing world where uncertainty dwells and, for all appearances, seems to rule. That is why it is so difficult to actually see the victory because we are looking to our physical world to produce it, instead of to Jesus. In a passionately filled voice, the Lord tells us in His Holy Word to use our free-will choice to come to Him and let Him lead us, and to accomplish the most difficult task of all, to self-discipline ourselves to wait on Him. There is something so vital, so amazing, and so powerful when we can boldly stand and wait on Him. Patience? Well, the depth of that need is truly amazing. He is trying to build that within us so that we will wait on Him, giving the Holy Spirit the opportunity to open our specifically unique, spiritual eyes, which only He can open, so that we may see that our particular path is actually smooth and beautiful. That beautiful path that we walk on with Jesus will have heartache, anger, fear, anxiety, and uncertainty vying for our attention, but if you could really see what is going on, then you would see the strength and power that intently secures you as you boldly move forward in Him. And although He may lead other people’s paths to us to help us, and connect with us to help anchor us in this world and support us, we deeply know that Jesus is at the very root of that anchoring. He is the producer and is in control and will do all He can to strengthen us and guide us. Don’t wait, relinquish all to Him now, for only He can truly feed you, nourish you, sustain you, and anchor you. May the Holy Spirit deeply reveal to you what you need to know as you begin a new week in Him.